Permeable Paving

Permeable Paving

Permeable paving is a surfacing which water and liquids are able to drain through.

Porous Driveway Designs

Porous Driveway Designs

There is a lot of choice to choose from when deciding on the right permeable surfacing for your home. This includes the type, colour and design.

Permeable Drives Costs

Permeable Drives Costs

Depending on the type of surface, size of the drive and design will determine the costing of the driveway installation.

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Permeable Paving Design

There is a range of permeable paving design options to choose from, it will depend on what you are wanting the finished look to appear like. The surfaces which we install include resin bound gravel, resin bonded gravel, loose gravel, tarmacadam, imprinted concrete, concrete flags and block paving. Each one of these surfaces are great for driveways and many people like to have them installed because they can provide a more decorative finish to their drive. The most popular surfacing which we install is resin bound gravel, this is due to the amount of benefits which is has.


The benefits are that it is a permeable, decorative surface which has a smooth finish. This is also very durable and hard wearing which makes it a great choice for drives which will have regular use. This can often be found in parks and footpaths as well, since it is smooth, it means that wheelchairs and trolleys are able to use them without any difficulty. For more information on all of the options we can provide, check out this page We recommend that when thinking about having any of these installed, that you make sure the company you are going to use it suitable and that they have done similar work before. This will ensure you that you're not going to be left with an unsuitable surface which you have paid for. Experienced local companies closest to you will show you their work and discuss with you what should be expected with the finish.

If you're interested in this surfacing, there is not point waiting any longer. Get into contact with us today by using our enquiry form and get a quote for your property driveway installation.

What is Permeable Paving?

Permeable paving is surfacing which water and liquids are able to drain through. This means that when it rains or you clean the floor, it will not start holding water as it will drain on its self. It's recommended to have a porous surface for planning permission reasons and also because if water was left on the surface it can flood and become slippery.

Porous Paving Cost

Many people near me enquire about porous paving options and the costs involved with this surfacing and we have to explain to them that there's not fixed rate per square meter. This is because of economies of scale, which means that the more material is ordered, the lower the rate is because of a bulk discount. Find out more about our costs by clicking here or you can We will be able to provide a rough quotation for you when we know the area and have seen photos of the current surfacing, then if you are wanting to proceed with our services, then we will discuss the next steps with regards to installing the porous paving.


If you write your details on our application form, we will respond to you about the service you have enquired about. If you just want to find out a little bit more about a product or design, then no problem just let us know.

Permeable Driveway Ideas Near Me

As there is a lot of choice to choose from, including the type of surfacing, what colour you want and the permeable paving design you’d like, it can be hard to choose it all yourself. As we have been in the industry for years and specialise in permeable driveways we know what type of surfacing works for each property. You may choose to have porous tarmac installed as this offers a simple design for domestic driveways. We can assist you with permeable driveway ideas whether you know what kind of surface you want or not. Working across the UK has let us see many nearby properties and it's likely that we have completed jobs which are similar to the property you might have, this means that we can show you our case studies and explain what we would think is a good idea for your home and surrounding areas.

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For more information regarding a permeable paving design which our professional installers can carry out, please use our enquiry form and we'll get back to you with permeable paving ideas and the information which you're searching for. Our enquiry process is simple to follow and we've found that using the enquiry form is a great way to respond to people as it's an effective and efficient method. Thank you for reading our information, it is appreciated that you have taken the time to go through this.



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